Many researches have been conducted by health professional and institutes about the effects of Sonics wave vibration and Sonix products on human health and wellbeing since we started our first manufacturing unit. Below are the research papers with the many different subjects and concentrations. If you want to have a detailed information or the regarding research paper you can contact us via email

Bone Density

  • Evaluating the effects of vibration stimulus on appendicular long bone base on the sonic actuator
  • Effects of WBV Exercise on Bone Remodeling in Ovariectomized Rats
  • Effect of Vibration on Trabecular Bone of OVX Rats


  • Changes in the Biomechanical Properties of Ankle Plantarflexors Following 8-week Resistance Training with or without Whole-Body Vibration in Older Women
  • Muscle Activation Change of Lower Limb According to Whole Body Vibration During Different Squat Exercises
  • Electromyography(EMG) Change of Leg Muscle Activities According to Whole Body Vibration Postures
  • Electromyography(EMG) Change of Leg Muscle Activities According to Whole Body Vibration Postures
  • Effect of Muscle Function and Muscular Reaction of Knee Joint in the Twenties on the Whole Body Vibration Exercise
  • Characteristic Analysis of the Lower Limbs Muscle Strength of Human Body with Whole-body Vibration
  • The Effect of Whole Body Vibration on the Joint Torque and Muscular Activity of the Lower Limbs



  •  The Basic Study on the Effect of Postural Balance Ability with Whole Body Vertical Vibration
  •  The Effect on Improvement of Muscle Strength Imbalance according to Load Deviation Protocol of Whole Body Vibration Exercise



  • Effect of Improvement of Constipation and Body Composition of Whole Body Vibration Exercise



  • A Study on the Vitalization Enhancement of Primo Vascular System by using Sonic Wave Vibrating Apparatus


Stress Reduction

  •  The Effect of Stress Reduction of Human Body by the Vibroacoustic Equipment
  •  The Effect on Human Body by the Stimuli of Musics and Acoustic Vibrations



  • Study on Efficiency of Rehabilitation Training of Lumbar in Synergy Effect both of Whole Body vibration and Flexibility Exercise



  • The Effect of Whole Body Vibration on Blood Lactate and Median Frequency after Anaerobic Exercise
  • Effect of Whole Body Vibration on Power Performance d lactate concentration in Speed Kicking of Taekwondo



  • Effects of Whole Body Vibration Exercise on functional activity and brain activity of in patients with senile dementia



  • Fibromyalgia Symptoms are Reduced by Sonic Wave
  • Effect of whole body vibration on DOMS and comparable study with ultrasound therapy



  • Report of Clinical Test on Aerobic Exercise Effect of Sonic Wave Vibration
  • The Study on Whole Body Vibration as a New Exercise-Training Prescription Method


Blood Circulation

  • The effect of 6 weeks of the whole body vibration training on vascular compliance, and vascular regulation substance in middle aged obese women